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Eurasian Jay by Arne Ader

Eurasian Jay by Arne Ader

Osprey Ilmar released after being relieved of his non-functioning transmitter. (Despite wearing the thing and feeding chicks, he was well fed and healthy.)


Victorious Kai — A young Lesser Spotted Eagle has just successfully chased off the banders (after she had been successfully banded).

Red-backed Shrike by Remo Savisaar

(via Shrikes of Estonia)

Eha feeding her newly hatched chick (Lesser Spotted Eagles) cam capture by Starling (taken about 30 minutes before I posted it)

Rowan; Mountain Ash by Arne Ader


Cuckcooflower by Arne Ader


Illimar the day after banding and Linda (I think), his mom.

Eagle Youngsters visit a nest (and get attacked by rightful owners)

Sub adult eagles seem to be traveling around as a couple checking out a nest.

Another osprey love triangle?

Piret the female from last year (wearing a very snazy small transmitter that had stopped transmitting so people were not sure if she was still alive or not) arrives just a bit late. I believe that Madis rejected the new upstart female for a couple of days.

Grey Partridges on the Roadside by Arne Ader

The Estonian Ornithological Society chose the grey partridge, also known as the English partridge or Hungarian partridge, as bird of the year for 2013. This bird, who is the size of a small domestic hen, lives mainly in cultivated landscapes and can often be found near farmsteads, barns and other human settlements. In spite of that, not much is known about the life of grey partridges.

Apple Tree and December Night by Arne Ader

The Beach at Kasmu Estonia (at 9:04 December 18 2012)

Wolf by Sven Zacek

by Ilmar Saabas

From a photo essay on putting up two eagle wildlife cams