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Swallows Operate Automatic Doors

Midway Island  — thousands of kilometers away from human habitations and yet our trash is a major environmental factor.

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This Spoon-billed Sandpiper was marked in north-east Russia and has now been seen in China (Michelle and Peter Wong)

A rare sighting of a marked Spoon-billed Sandpiper on migration was reported last weekend from Rudong mudflats north of Shanghai.

The Critically Endangered bird was identified by a lime green plastic flag on its leg marked ‘01’ that was attached by scientists from Birds Russia on its breeding grounds this summer. Conservationists know that this bird ‘Lime 01’ fathered six fledglings this summer – three that were hand-reared by conservationists and three that he raised himself – which is 10 times the average for the species.

In all, this summer sixteen hand-reared spoon-billed sandpiper fledglings and eight adults were marked with the lime green plastic leg flags. Birdwatchers are being asked to report all sightings of Spoon-billed Sandpipers.

Rudong mudflats are the most significant known staging post in China for Spoon-billed Sandpipers where 106 individuals were counted last year in October. Demand for land is high in the region, which is only 150km from Shanghai, and land has already been reclaimed from the marshes at Dongling to the southern end.

Hummingbird on Flickr.It looks so fierce

Hummingbird on Flickr.

It looks so fierce

Grey Partridges on the Roadside by Arne Ader

The Estonian Ornithological Society chose the grey partridge, also known as the English partridge or Hungarian partridge, as bird of the year for 2013. This bird, who is the size of a small domestic hen, lives mainly in cultivated landscapes and can often be found near farmsteads, barns and other human settlements. In spite of that, not much is known about the life of grey partridges.

Yellowhammer by Arne Ader

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Greater Yellowlegs in an Oregon Wetlands (by russell.tomlin)

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Dead birds were intoxicated

Animal health specialists were called to examine a dozen birds found in the playground, many with trauma injuries. Post-mortem analysis revealed that one of the birds had a large amount of pure alcohol in its liver. Scientists suggest the birds sustained their injuries in flight because they were intoxicated by fermented berries. Staff from the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) published their results in the Veterinary Record.

A similar diagnosis was made in 1999 for a group of redwings, which had been feeding on holly berries that were fermenting following a frost.

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Photo of Rose-colored Starling by Tatoshe4ka :)

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Poachers gun down iconic ibis

The leading bird in a European project to develop a method to save a rare species of ibis was killed last weekend by illegal hunters in Italy. Goja, a northern bald ibis (Geronticus eremita), was on her way to wintering grounds in Tuscany when she was shot down.”

This makes me so mad it is worth another post or two or three.

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Black Storks (and Grey Herons)

Red Shank at Cadiz by Birgit Kremer